Get an Alluring Smile with All-on-5

Do you feel shy while smiling? Well, not anymore as our all on 5 dental services will help you regain your lost smile. At our dental facility, our experienced and skilled dentists will reinstate your missing teeth and offer you a beautiful smile in return. We offer highly durable dental treatments that have the capacity to last for years and help you avoid various oral functions.

If you have lost your teeth due to an accident or due to tooth decay, you need not worry as you can replace them with our all on 5 implant that is cost affordable too. The all on 5 dental treatment we provide at our All on 6 dental implant centre will consist of placing 5 quality dental implants in either of your jaws to fix a personalized arch of new teeth. Our treatment is precision-based and it will help you complete your smile.

What follows are some of the dental complications that can be solved with the help of Our all on 5 treatment:

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Treatment Options

We at All On 6 boast a team of highly skilled and professional dentists that are able to deal with a range of dental conditions using dental implants. We strongly believe that it is our duty to give you a flawless, natural, and dazzling smile that has been lost somewhere. At All on 6, we offer various implant treatment options at competitive prices to our patients.

Get Lifetime Smile with All-on-5

With the help of all on 5, you will be able to have a full set of teeth without the need for multiple surgeries. This way you will get the smile you crave without going under the knife. The process involves the placement of 6 implants that will give you new pairs of teeth and will be stronger without affecting the nearby teeth.

At All On 6, our dentists will focus on giving you a smile without going through excruciating surgery. It is the same as an all-on-4 procedure; the sole difference is only that it includes two extra implants to improve the strength of new teeth.

The all-on-6 dental implant is a very efficient and affordable treatment option for people who are looking to get their smile restored at a reasonable rate. You need not worry about this procedure as we will help you get permanent teeth with an all-on-6 procedure. If you are struggling with uncomfortable dentures, all you have to do is to contact us for the all-on-6 procedure.

Transform Your Smile with All-on-8

If you are looking for teeth replacement for all teeth in the upper or lower jaw, then all-on-8 is another option for you. These new teeth will be supported by 8 dental implants; giving you a highly durable dental implant treatment. Our professional dentist will insert implants into the jaw bone and give you strong support to the made-up teeth.

At our All On 6 centre, we offer our patients with one of the best dental implant procedures with the help of all-on-8. Our experienced dentists will carry out the surgery with minimal pain or discomfort and ensure that our patients get their desired smile.

We at All On 6 are here to help you improve your oral health and give you a confident-boosting smile. Our dentists are skilled in modern implant technology and have proficiency in dealing with patients who are missing teeth.

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Other Services

All on 4

Our dentists are more than capable of restoring the upper arch or lower arch of your teeth with the robust all-on-4 implants. These implants will provide you with support and you can have better-chewing comfort. With the help of modern techniques, we will place these implants for a nearly trouble-free procedure to offer you a pretty smile.

Single Tooth Implant

If you are missing only one tooth and looking for permanent treatment for their new tooth, then it is the ideal solution for you. This false tooth is fixed with the implant and will look just like your natural teeth.

All on 6

If you require a measurable solution to restore your dental relief then our all on 6 implants are also one of the best options for you. These implants are not only the most durable but will offer you better results than other types of implants. As they hold multiple implant bridges; you can easily replace any missing teeth in the future without making costly dental repairs.

Porcelain Dental Implants

If you are looking for support, then you can get individual implants from our facility. We provide you with custom-built and first-class porcelain implants that will save your gums from infections and decay. Due to the high-quality material we use; our porcelain dental implants aren’t easily prone to discolouration and can last for years.
Yes, you can choose to get your natural teeth replaced with all-on-5 implants for both your upper and lower jaw. The all on 5 dental implants are near-permanently durable when you routinely maintain good dental hygiene. It is also easier to get new teeth again in the form of dental crowns if you break them after the treatment in any type of accident.
People who have the habit of consuming tobacco by the means of smoking or chewing should not get these dental implants or instead quit their tobacco habits. Similarly, people who frequently choose to eat extremely cold or hot foods and beverages should also refrain from getting these dental implants.
An experienced dentist will numb the treatment area with a surgical or local anesthetic before proceeding with treatment, so you won’t feel any pain. You may however feel slight or more pressure during the treatment.
You could experience bad breath or bad mouth odour if you do not clean your implant teeth properly on a regular basis. You can also be prone to gum infections if you don’t replace your missing implant tooth in time. If you have a loose tooth, you are also at risk of contracting mouth infections easily.
Getting the all on 5 implants can cost you a fortune as it will depend on the method you are choosing. If you choose a reputable dental facility, then it can cost you more. However, we at All on 6 will offer you affordable rates for this procedure.