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At All On 6, we have a team of implant specialists that combine their years of experience and patient-centered care with highly effective dental services to give our patients a strong, healthy, and brighter smile. Our range of implant services includes All-On-4, All-On-5, All-On-6, All-on-8, etc. using advanced dental technology and equipment to give smile restoration solutions.

We value your time and work hard to create personalised treatment plan based on your dental condition, needs, and preferences. We provide all implant services without compromising the quality. We understand that living with missing teeth means getting trouble in smiling, speaking, and eating. Fortunately, you can get a permanent solution at our world-class facility for implant dentistry. You can rely on our expertise and contact us to know how we can transform your smile.

Why Choose All On 6?


Same Day Treatment

We offer customised dental implant procedures that are designed for smile restoration on the same day. We understand the importance of our patients’ time and believe in giving effective solutions in as little as one day.

Use Quality Materials

We do not just focus on providing quality implant treatment options to our patients; we also focus on using the highest quality materials. Just restore your smile with the approved materials and dedicated care.

State-of-the-art Facility

We aim to give our patients a place where they find peace of mind without any fear of pain or anxiety. We offer a welcoming, comfortable, and safe environment with advanced machines and tools.

Years of Experience

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced dentists who have in-depth knowledge about implant dentistry. They know how to combine technology with expertise for an amazingly beautiful smile.

Flexible Payment Options

All dental services are offered with customised payment plans. We believe in making each treatment financially stress-free for patients with a limited budget. Everything is planned to fit the lifestyle of our patients.

Affordable Implant Procedures

Our treatment plans not only ensure to give the most durable and long-lasting solution, but we also offer affordable plans to give you ease of mind when looking for a cost-effective dental implant specialist in your area.

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Other Implant Services

Single Tooth Implant

An implant-supported dental crown is recommended over the traditional bridge where a single implant is used for one missing tooth. It does not require any alteration of healthy teeth.

Full Arch Implant

The best missing teeth replacement solution if you are suffering from complete loss of teeth. The implants are placed surgically in the complete upper or lower jaw.

Implant-supported Bridges

It allows you to replace two to three consecutive missing teeth without using a crown on the adjacent healthy teeth. A great alternative to traditional bridges that provides the permanent solution!

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is a recommended treatment for those who have no enough existing bone in the jaw. It is used to fill the defect of bone loss and prepare teeth for the implant procedure.