All on 6 dental implant Perth

Natural-looking Smile With All-on-6 Dental Implants

All On 6 offers the most modern implant treatment options in Perth. In the all-on-6 procedure, the teeth on the upper or lower jaw are replaced with bridges using 6 implants. We ensure that these implants are inserted into your jaw bone perfectly with minimal pain or discomfort. We help you get a brand new smile with a sturdy and long-lasting implant treatment option.

The all-on-6 procedure is given using the most advanced technology and materials that work effectively in replacing your missing teeth. If you have lost a substantial number of teeth in one or both jaws, our dentists will help you get a stronger and healthier replacement of dentures.

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All On 6 Dental Implant Perth Treatment Options

Do you know that the condition of your teeth plays a great role in your overall body’s long-term health? It also impacts your confidence in a smile and brings a great impression on others. At All On 6, we focus on helping the people in Perth by resolving the range of dental problems with permanent and convenient dental solutions.

Bone Grafting for a Healthier Smile

Bone grafting is a form of bone augmentation that helps in building the bone and surrounding structures of the teeth so that implants can be placed effectively. This treatment is used to fill any defects of bone loss as a result of periodontal disease or missing teeth.

At All On 6, we use the best technology to provide you the smile you deserve. The proper assessment is carried out for an efficient and conservative approach. We also make you understand all the bone grafting possibilities. We also use CAD/CAM technology to give you the best smile restoration result.

We pride ourselves in providing modern and effective techniques that can further help in the effective dental implant procedure. We also provide aftercare instructions for better results and also take follow-up from the patients to ensure that they are getting all benefits of the treatment.

Single & Multiple Dental Implants

When it comes to the effective solution for the missing teeth, it becomes important to take the help of a skilled and highly trained dentist in Perth who knows how to assess the situation and provide a customized treatment plan suitable for your dental condition. We at All On 6 has a team of specialists who are qualified and knowledgeable in providing different dental implant treatment options.

We use the best implant technology to provide qualitative results and give you ease from your missing teeth. Whether you have a single or multiple missing teeth, we provide the solution by placing single or multiple implants depending on your dental needs and the number of missing teeth.

The placement of single or multiple dental implants is the natural solution for those who are dealing with tooth loss problems. This involves simple and painless surgery using the best technique for the desired results.

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Other Dental Implant Services


By replacing all of your teeth, this treatment limits the recovery time and takes around 2-3 hours per arch. In this procedure, 4 implants are fixed to get the prosthetic teeth.


This procedure is used to support fixed bridges to get a permanent and natural smile. It is the best solution for denture wearers that also preserve a full taste sensation and a durable natural smile.


This dental implant treatment offers optimum support to the prosthetic teeth and reduces bone re-absorption. It is the best solution for people with more than 80% missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw.

Implant supported dentures

This helps in replacing both upper and lower teeth, thus gives a secure and natural-looking option than traditional dentures. Get the perfect implant retained denture for your unique needs.
If you have one or multiple teeth and looking for a permanent replacement solution for your smile restoration, then dental implants can be the best choice to give new teeth just like your natural teeth. These implants provide the most advanced teeth replacement technology and give an effective solution when both root and crown is missing.
Most dental implants are made of titanium and zirconia, where both these materials have their own pros and cons. Which dental implant material is most suitable for you is determined after getting an in-depth discussion with the dentist.
The dental implant is used to replace the complete structure of your missing teeth i.e. their visible portion and supportive root. Whether using an implant for single or multiple missing teeth, each implant is placed surgically underneath the gum line and allows jaw bone to grow around the titanium post. Thus, give strong support to the new tooth for many years to come.
If you are in a good health to undergo tooth extraction or any oral surgery, it means you are a suitable candidate for a dental implant as well. The patients looking for undergoing implant treatment must have healthy gums and healthy bones to hold an implant. You must also be committed to maintaining good oral hygiene and visiting the dentist for regular check-ups. Patients with chronic diseases are required to be evaluated to see if they can undergo the implant procedure.
Do you use tobacco or a diabetes patient? It means you may not be the right candidate for this treatment. The all-on-6 implant procedure is recommended for patients who have full arch missing teeth or who are thinking of removing and replacing their teeth with implants.
In most cases, dental implant treatment may take around 4-8 months. The dentist will also check if bone grafting treatment is required in your case to increase the volume of your jawbone before the implant procedure. It will increase the procedure time. The dentist will explain to you the treatment plan and will also let you know the expected treatment time.